Website and Software for $39!

Whether you're a small startup gym, or a CF affiliate box that has been open for years... we will work with you to see if RxGYM is a good fit.

If you are paying too much for software that is complicated...  

If you have a custom website that is hard to edit and manage...  

If you are opening a gym and don't know where to start...  

Let RxGym help you save money and time. Your athletes will love the simplicity and easy access. Why pay $100's per month for gym management software and then have to pay extra for a separate custom website, when you can have it all in one place for only $39!

Paying more doesn't mean you get more.

RxGYM can compete 1-to-1 with anyone on features that your coaches need and your athletes expect.  But nobody can compete with RxGYM on price!

A good sales pitch doesn't mean a better product.

We don't have a sales staff or a marketing budget, we rely on word-of-mouth from satisfied gym owners.  It's the best kind of marketing.  It doesn't come quick or easy, but by concentrating on highly personal and reactive support for over 8 years, we have a reputation that speaks for itself.

Get a professional, interactive website up and running in minutes.  It will have all the bells and whistles we've come up with so far... plus, if we add anything later you will get it free!

Gym Owners Love Us!

Rick ''I am returning to you guys as my web provider. I went with one of the big companies and found out that I just paid more for essentially the same product with far worse customer service than what you guys can do!''

Teresa ''Thanks for all the help and love using RXsoftware. Have been contacted by [other software companies] and told them both, nope happy right where I am at!!! So keep up the good work, we are loving it.''

Ben ''Sure glad I found RxGym software your customer support has been beyond awesome. Thanks again''

JT ''You are awesome, I always appreciate how quickly you get things done.  I will be staying with your services for a very long time!!!''

Chris ''Again thanks for your time and for helping with the software modifications.  I am more and more impressed with your company every time I contact you.  Thanks again.''

Chip ''PERFECT! ...I gotta tell you, this is the greatest system I have seen!  VERY user friendly. My clients love it and are having a blast watching the leader board populate.''

Storm ''I am thrilled with my experience with RxGym thus far and as always I thank you for your great customer service… a breath of fresh air in a world of headaches.''

Nina ''OMG you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
      That's PERFECT! Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      :) :) :) :) :) :) :)''

Tania ''Keep up the great work!  I always get great compliments on our site.  People think I paid a lot of money for it :)''

John ''We've been with you guys for almost a year now and it's been great! Our payments are just about in order and our athletes love seeing the workouts and results. Thank you!''

Jason ''We switched to ZP for a bit, but honestly we just weren't using what we were paying for... and your system is so user friendly, I regretted leaving basically a week after we did.''

Tyler ''Awesome response time! You guys rock! Thanks for the help. We will continue to promote RxGYM any chance we get!''

Zach ''I switched from Mindbody to Wodify recently and it is ridiculously expensive costing me $300 a month.  So happy I found you guys!''

Kevin ''You guys are a huge part of our community success. The wod results page is a favorite!''

Stewart ''Thanks again for always being so helpful so quickly! We get emails all the time about switching to another website but I wouldn't exchange anything for the great customer service that we get!''

Bob ''Took me about 20 minutes to build my site this morning (including designing the logo). I LOVE your product.''

Adam ''I do LOVE this website and it truly is a crucial part of my business! And, by the way......I LOVE the new timer function on the big screen!''

Bryan ''This is the best software for affiliates. It's all-inclusive. When I first opened I used ZP and BtWB AND ran my website. Now it's all in one place. It just does a lot and it's awesome for me.''

Jeanette ''Our website has been mentioned many times by our athletes for being not only user friendly, but they LOVE the social features too! Being able to use that feature to cheer each other on has been awesome! And that is exactly why I won't even look into another website! Because you guys are AWESOME! Its great to be able to communicate with you and get a response!''

Steve ''What always impresses me is it Sunday and I got a response back within minutes. Nobody has support like you guys.  Thanks for taking such good care of us!''

John ''After setting up our site, in a matter of days we had 32 clients sign up. They absolutely LOVE it and so do I. This has taken our business to a more professional Level. The Facebook Widget is a HUGE plus for us and has allowed to to channel in our Facebook followers to our site very easily. Your website is dynamic, navigation is easy and intuitive and the visuals are exciting and motivating.  Its so easy to update and customize too. We could not have chosen a better company to host our site. What a BLESSING! THANK YOU!!''

Brian ''I hooked a TV up at the gym and MADE everyone log their results today. Worked well and they liked it. Having the site up and running (in the gym) is great. Today is the most result posts I’ve had in a long time.''

Amy ''Thank you for watching out for these potential security/privacy threats. We really appreciate the constant updates and changes that you guys make to the site in order to continue improving and evolving with the needs of your customers. A big thanks!! Keep up the good work :)''

Jeanette ''Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service! There is very rarely a problem with our website but when there is, you are so fast to get it fixed! Thank you SO much! I couldn't run my business without you! :) ''

Leigh ''Thank you so much for all of your help!!! You continue to exceed in customer service! Going with you guys was the best decision we made for our box!! You guys ROCK!! Thanks again.''

Ryan ''Thank you again for providing such a great service, we have had many many complements on our website and we all seem to find the functionality very easy to learn.''

Daniel ''Everything is up and going. Thank you so much as always. You guys are amazing and beyond helpful.''

Chad ''We are really enjoying your website. Our Athletes love it!''

Jean ''After using the site for a while I'd like to tell you that we love it!! It's user friendly for both us and our athletes, it's very professional looking and it does everything we need!''

Kelley ''i have had multiple calls from other software companies and i have told them all that we are really happy with RxGYM!  i know i am not using it to its full capacity but i cannot believe how easy set up and running it have been.  thank you so much!''

Tylor ''My Coaches and Athletes can't get over the sense of community RxGYM has created for our Box!''

Rick ''Awesome! Thanks a zillion! awesome product!''

Tony ''I want to express how amazing your product is and how awesome your customer service has been. You really have made huge strides. I'm thankful to have witnessed it.''

Jeremy ''Wow guys. Pardon my French,  but you're the shit.''